Jamaat’s 2018/ 2019 Calendar

2018_ 2019 Jamaat Programme

Date Function Remarks
24th March Qur’an Dars  
28th April Qur’an Dars  
15th May Tarawih Prayers Begin 7pm at the Masjid
16th May Fasting Commences Please see calendar for Sehri and Iftari times
26th May Masih Mauood Day & Iftari Hosted by Khan, Buksh, Dean & Hussain Families Time: 4:30pm
10th June Lailatul Qadr Hosted by Nur Jehan Alam & Chand Bibi SahuKhan. Time: 4:30pm
15th June Eid ul Fitr Prayer at Masjid        Time: TBA
30th June Qur’an Dars  
28th July Qur’an Dars  
22nd August Eid ul Adha Prayer at Masjid         Time: TBA
25th August Qur’an Dars  
29th September Qur’an Dars  
13th October Maulana Muhammad Ali Day Hosted by S D SahuKhan & Family
27th October Qur’an Dars  
24th November Holy Prophet Muhammad Day  
15th December Qur’an Dars  
26th January 2019 Qur’an Dars  
23rd February 2019 Qur’an Dars  
30th March 2019 Annual General Meeting  
30th March 2019 Qur’an Dars follows AGM  

NOTE : Every Qur’an Dars is followed by a light meal. Members are requested to bring along a plate.